Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Get Arty!

Nail art appears to be no longer solely for teenagers having fun at sleepovers. It’s now being classed as fashionable. Having read this I thought it was perhaps another so-called trend which wouldn’t take off, but on my commute I have recently noticed many more women with nail art on their fingers and toes. Nails have been huge this year, more so than any other year. It may be due to the recession that us girls want to sex up our nails cheaply, but the ‘hot’ nail shades have been making headlines all year round.

Now it seems we’re no longer content with one shade and are looking to jazz things up even more! YSL is launching four sets of mini nail duos with two colours to complement each other in an ‘alternative’ French manicure.

3D is the new thing for movies, but it also appears to be where nail art is headed too. ‘Bubble nails’ is a look using many layers of top coat to each a bubble effect. Within the ‘bubble’ women can drop in jewels to really achieve a wow factor.

While this maybe a little extreme, nail art certainly seems to be growing in popularity. Perhaps we’re getting tired with the nudes and the grieges, or we just want variety, but it’s certainly something to try this season.


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