Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Fake tan, wait, I love you!

OK so I'm actually going to have to backtrack from my post yesterday.

I was on the train into work this morning, flicking through the paper as per usual, when I came across an article which horrified me. Liz McClarnon et al baring their skin for the cameras to show the damage sunbathing and/or sunbeds have caused. Liver spots, pigmentation, uneven skin tone.....awful awful words!!

OMG if I shun the fake tan and rely on sunbeds from now on for a golden glow I'll be wrinkly, leathery and old before my time. So...Fake Bake, St. Tropez, etc please forgive my harsh words from yesterday.

Having thought long and hard all day I have decided orange towels are a small price to pay for smooth, youthful skin.

Words of wisdom indeed!


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