Monday, 9 August 2010

Dry Shampoo = My New Best Friend

Unfortunately for me my hair isn’t the thickest and all my life I’ve been trying to pump it up and I’m a huge fan of the hair ‘juzz’.
Regular trims help it so that it doesn’t look like rat-tails, but I refuse to have it cut above my shoulders, which I have been told on numerous occasions would make it look thicker. I could have extensions put in, but I’m actually a little bit scared of extensions ruining my real hair and then having to have them in forever (which would give my hairdresser his retirement plan!).
I’ve only just entered the world of dry shampoo. Naively I believed before that it was for those who hadn’t bothered to wash their hair for a while and were therefore slightly dirty and greasy! However after reading countless times that many stylists use it on models’ hair in order to create volume and a bit of grip to create a better look I succumbed.

And I have to say I do adore it!! You have to be careful, mind, in case your hair looks like it is caked in talcum powder, and being blonde if I overdo the dry shampoo it can look like I’m turning grey in my twenties!
Practice does make perfect and I now have it down to a fine art. A quick spritz and it looks as though I have naturally lifted roots and gorgeously thick hair. Such a cheap beauty trick, which is my favourite kind of trick! I implore you all to head out and conquer the dry shampoo so that everybody looks fabulous (and if you are in a rush and have to skip a shower it’s a Godsend then too :-p)

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