Thursday, 19 August 2010

Brows the new lashes?!

Something very strange seems to be occurring for A/W 2010. And it concerns our eyes. Instead of the focus being on eyelashes which have dominated for quite a while now, A/W predictions from both Vogue and Elle are saying that eyebrows will be taking over for the new season.

 Lashes are set to be bare and minimal whilst brows will be bolder and thicker in order to make a statement. I’m not so sure about this new trend. I can’t really believe women will no longer want mascara or eyelash extensions. You only have to remember the recent craze that surrounded Rapidlash Serum to see how important our lashes are to us.

Maybe it’s because lashes have always been my thing that I find this trend hard to except. I have very light, thin eyebrows I don’t think I could possibly make bold without looking like a clown! Since I was about 12 I’ve always worn my staples – lots of black mascara and concealer. With this new trend I think I’d feel naked!

Even the consolation of kohl eyeliner being ‘on trend’ isn’t enough to satisfy me. I need to have my mascara, and my brows just can’t be strong (unless I dye them which isn’t happening!). Sadly this won’t be a trend I’ll be following, but I’ll be interested to see who does and what the result looks like. Report back!


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