Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Mad Men dominate Emmys

It’s all everyone is talking about at the moment, the Emmys 2010! The fashion has definitely outshone who actually won, and more specifically the Mad Men girls. January Jones, Elisabeth Moss and Christina Hendricks wore the most perfect dresses for their shapes and complimented each other beautifully.

Christina wore lavender Zac Posen, and with her perfectly clear, pale skin and gorgeous curves she certainly wowed everyone there. January Jones, completely opposite to Christina with her model-thin body, showed it off to perfection in electric blue ruffled Armani. Finally Elisabeth Moss in Donna Karen looked the height of sophistication with a one-shoulder nude gown and huge diamond earrings.

All three pulled out all the stops and got it spot-on for their colouring and body shape. We can certainly learn a lot from them!


Sunday, 29 August 2010

The softest lips

Sometimes, quite inexplicably, my lips will suddenly be really dry and sore. Whilst most lip balms are good for when your lips feel a little bit dry, most don't seem to cut it when they are constantly dry. However I have discovered a little gem!

Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm is an absolute saviour. It is the ultimate in hydrating lips and it really works. It stays on for ages, you can feel it working, and if I leave it on overnight whilst I sleep, when I wake up my lips are super-soft.

I always carry this in my bag, and it would definitely be one of my essentials on a desert island. I really can't recommend this enough! Although fairly expensive for lip balm but it is definitely worth it.


Friday, 27 August 2010

What's Hot...What's Not

Here is what I think is Hot and Not this week xx


The new Nails Inc A/W collection – at the moment I have on their grilac colour Lowndes Square. LOVE it, has lasted all week, will do a blog post fully this weekend!

Abbey Clancy – her effortless beauty and style whilst she’s going through such personal drama

Curves – Mad Men inspired plus research out this week that men love the hourglass figure, rather than stick thin – hooray!


Roots not being touched up – I just want to drag Drew Barrymore to a hairdressers!

Pret’s humous salad – Super Duper I don’t think! I love this salad but have this week been told it’s full of salt and more calories than a Mars Bar

Wet weather in August – what footwear goes with this? Ballet pumps let the rain it, soaked feet, feel miserable; but it’s far too early to wear Uggs right now = DILEMMA!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Miss Scarlet

With the weather so dismal I think it's safe to say that summer is pretty much over. My thoughts have been turning to autumn...

Set to be huge this coming season are big red lips. It graced many of the catwalks. However I've never been a big fan of lipstick, I've always found it dries out my lips and never lasts. I'm much more of a gloss girl. Yet I might give it another chance and try it this autumn. If I can find the perfect shade for me it could be a hit. 

To help make your teeth look white instead of yellow it's crucial to get the right red hue. You need a dark shade with blue tones, rather than yellow. Crimson is perfect. I'm going to give Bourjois Sweet Kiss a try. It's a silky, semi-matte-lipstick which is supposed to leave lips moisturised for up to eight hours.

I'll let you know how I get on; in the meantime if you have any more suggestions let me know!


Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Get Arty!

Nail art appears to be no longer solely for teenagers having fun at sleepovers. It’s now being classed as fashionable. Having read this I thought it was perhaps another so-called trend which wouldn’t take off, but on my commute I have recently noticed many more women with nail art on their fingers and toes. Nails have been huge this year, more so than any other year. It may be due to the recession that us girls want to sex up our nails cheaply, but the ‘hot’ nail shades have been making headlines all year round.

Now it seems we’re no longer content with one shade and are looking to jazz things up even more! YSL is launching four sets of mini nail duos with two colours to complement each other in an ‘alternative’ French manicure.

3D is the new thing for movies, but it also appears to be where nail art is headed too. ‘Bubble nails’ is a look using many layers of top coat to each a bubble effect. Within the ‘bubble’ women can drop in jewels to really achieve a wow factor.

While this maybe a little extreme, nail art certainly seems to be growing in popularity. Perhaps we’re getting tired with the nudes and the grieges, or we just want variety, but it’s certainly something to try this season.


Tuesday, 24 August 2010

It's Detox Time!

Recently I was feeling really bloated all the time. It didn’t matter whether I had just eaten or not, my stomach stuck out and I generally felt sluggish and not 100%. It was time for a detox.

I didn’t want anything too strict or too long, but just something which made sure I ate healthily and stuck to it. So I wandered into Boots and came across their 5 day plans. In either apple or strawberry flavour, the plan is based upon mixing phials of liquid with two litres of water to be drunk throughout the day. The phials contain a mix of vitamins and minerals to flush out toxins and give you all the nutrients you need.

It is really easy to follow, and I found it easy to stick to eating healthily as well. I think because I’d paid for the detox pack I didn’t want to waste my money so didn’t cheat with any tea, chocolate or other naughties.

By the fourth day my stomach felt much flatter and I generally felt better. This continued for some weeks afterwards as well, even when I went back to eating normally, which I was amazed by! I would definitely recommend this as a quick, easy detox plan for if you’re feeling bloated, run-down, lethargic and need a quick pick-me-up.

With my holiday around the corner I’m going to do another one!


Monday, 23 August 2010

Are Roots now Acceptable?

I’m struggling with my roots at the moment. Every time I look in a mirror it is all I can see! But I am relieved by the fact that I have my regular 6-weekly highlight touch-up this weekend. I have highlights because I want to be blonder yet still looking natural, and the roots give the game away!

However it seems celebs aren’t that bothered by root-growth. This can’t be because they don’t have the money to get their T-section done. Or even because they don’t have the time, seeing as many celebs love visiting salons, or will get their colourist to come to them if time is especially tight. Constantly in the public, eye celebs are under extreme pressure to look their very best. So the only explanation I can think of is that roots are no longer something to be ashamed of.

At her recent film premiere Drew Barrymore’s roots were bordering on ridiculous! And who can forget SJP’s hair at the end of Sex and the City?! Also the Olsen twins have recently been seen with very visible roots.


Is this a hair trend or just laziness?! Think I’ll still be keeping my regular colourist appointments!


Friday, 20 August 2010


I've uncovered a website full of exquisite treasure! Chelsea Doll is a site full of quirky and original jewellery at amazing prices.

I particularly adore their Scrabble tile ring, which has unfortunately sold out, so many more must love it too! They also have a tape measure heart necklace which I love for being so original. I'm always on the hunt for something which not many will have, looking further afield than the High Street, and Chelsea Doll is absolutely perfect. Plus free delivery! Could it get any better?!

Check them out 


Thursday, 19 August 2010

Brows the new lashes?!

Something very strange seems to be occurring for A/W 2010. And it concerns our eyes. Instead of the focus being on eyelashes which have dominated for quite a while now, A/W predictions from both Vogue and Elle are saying that eyebrows will be taking over for the new season.

 Lashes are set to be bare and minimal whilst brows will be bolder and thicker in order to make a statement. I’m not so sure about this new trend. I can’t really believe women will no longer want mascara or eyelash extensions. You only have to remember the recent craze that surrounded Rapidlash Serum to see how important our lashes are to us.

Maybe it’s because lashes have always been my thing that I find this trend hard to except. I have very light, thin eyebrows I don’t think I could possibly make bold without looking like a clown! Since I was about 12 I’ve always worn my staples – lots of black mascara and concealer. With this new trend I think I’d feel naked!

Even the consolation of kohl eyeliner being ‘on trend’ isn’t enough to satisfy me. I need to have my mascara, and my brows just can’t be strong (unless I dye them which isn’t happening!). Sadly this won’t be a trend I’ll be following, but I’ll be interested to see who does and what the result looks like. Report back!


Wednesday, 18 August 2010

What is the obsession with the Piranha Pedicure?!?

Apologies for this little rant I'm about to have, but I really don't understand why the 'Piranha Pedicure' has taken off so well. It's been covered by almost everyone, it seems I can't pick up a magazine or newspaper without some kind of review with a photo of someone warily dipping their toe into the fish water!

Apart from just being another fad I don't seem the fasination. Firstly, surely it would feel far too weird. Secondly, isn't there some kind of animal cruelty going on? And thirdly, isn't it ever-so-slightly unhygienic?! Sharing the water with a handful of other people's feet really doesn't appeal to me.

A lovely, standard pedicure performed by a person is my idea of heaven. Fish sucking on my feet in water which you don't know when it was last cleaned is most definitely not! I'm hoping people will stop with their obsession with the fish and get back to true pedicures! It does seem to me that in the persuit of finding the newest, hottest treatment we're trying things which when we really think about them we would never ever do in a million years. Wake up people!!

If anyone has had this please let me know what you thought, I'm all for being proved wrong!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Straight down the middle

For ages now people have been embracing a side parting but it seems the humble middle parting is now back on the radar. Elle have called this the new non-trend. Apparently a middle parting and long hair are a key, effortless style to pull off this season.

However, I have always been under the assumption, and even been told by my hairdresser millions of times, that a middle parting doesn’t emphasise women’s beauty as much as a side parting. My hairdresser even says he won’t do a middle parting; it goes against everything he believes in!! Maybe slightly extreme, but when you look at most women a side parting allows you to have more variation in your hairstyle and therefore make things more interesting. A sweeping fringe often looks so pretty and frames the face well. With a middle parting the hair just tend to just hang.

With a middle parting there’s not so much you can do, which maybe why some swear by it with minimal styling required. Also, there’s nowhere to hide. Your face is exposed, for all to see…unless you go for the grunge, ‘hair forward so face is covered’ look. This is fine if you have a face like Olivia Palermo. Otherwise it might be best to not follow this celeb trend.

Do they look better side or middle?



Monday, 16 August 2010

Cellulite is going to be blitzed!

I’m on a countdown to my holiday now, and I need to tackle my cellulite. My top half is good, but from my belly button down its ridiculous! A classic pear-shape, no matter what I do my thighs are a considerable size. Hence my cellulite dilemma.

I’ve been running quite a lot and although this tones up my legs better than anything else, the tops of my thighs are still dimpled. I’ve also cut out fizzy drinks to help but I need to try a cream.

I’ve had many suggestions, but looking at them all I’ve decided to go for Weleda’s Birch Cellulite Oil. Apparently it works wonders and is all natural, containing plant extracts and oils. I’m not sure if I’ve left it long enough now (I’m off in 3 weeks) but surely it will at least help…at least that’s what I’ve been promised.

Will keep you updated followers, wish me luck xx

Friday, 13 August 2010

I scrub up nicely!

During the summertime, and with holidays on the horizon, thoughts turn to how to look your very best for when you have to bare (almost) all. Body brushing is always recommended, but I have never been able to get into this habit. I really want to, and I have a brush, but I always forget, and then just before bed I’m so tired I don’t have the energy. Lame I know, but I need something else to make my skin perky.

Which is why I’m a huge fan of exfoliating. As a person with fairly dry skin, I find it not only makes my skin super smooth but also stops my skin looking dry and flaky, especially the bit between my eyebrows for some reason! However some exfoliators seem so weak they do nothing whilst others physically hurt me.

But I have come across one which is perfect! The N-spa Coconut Ice Cream Body Scrub is amazing. You only need a little bit to scrub your entire body so it lasts forever, plus smells divine to remind you of holidays and it has the perfect exfoliating beads to be painless yet feels like its actually doing something. Step out of the shower and your skin is so soft! And my skin feels so soft for a couple of days after. 5-star!


Thursday, 12 August 2010

New Nails Inc Collection set Tone for A/W 2010

I’m very excited by the new Nails Inc collection for Autumn and Winter. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m getting slightly tired of the mint green and greige which have dominated all year. It’s time for a change!

And Nails Inc’s offering looks like it’s sure to be a hit. It includes THE colour of the season so I’m told, grilac, a perfect mix of grey and lilac. Loving the sound of that! Grey certainly does seem to be the nail colour for next season with those in the know claiming that gunmetal grey and plums are the big sensation both for nails and eyes. These are both catered for from Nail Inc with Duke of Wellington Place and Queensgate Mews.

I’ve ordered mine already so be sure to look out for my review complete with photos!


Wednesday, 11 August 2010


In my eternal quest for thicker hair I decided a few months ago to give supplements a go. With a busy lifestyle I know I don’t get all the vitamins and nutrients I need from my diet so I always take a multivitamin. However, on the advice from my hairdresser early this year, I decided to also take a specific ‘Skin, Hair & Nails’ vitamin.

Ever since, I have taken one tablet a day, with fingers crossed that the specially tailored nutrients might actually make a difference. And it has!!

My last hairdresser appointment I had last month, my stylist remarked on how much thicker it felt. Hallelujah!!! I hadn’t noticed any difference myself then, but this month I can definitely feel it is thicker. Just running my hands through it, and especially after washing my hair, there feels like there is substantially more hair.

I would definitely advise anyone else out there who suffers with fine hair to give these supplements a go. Be persistent and it will pay off! Every supermarket, vitamin shop and Boots and Superdrug stock them.


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I have a confession…I’ve cheated

I’ve always been an incredibly loyal girl, perfume-wise. Since the days of puberty, growing up and finding my identity, I felt truly loyal to Hugo Boss Deep Red. It was unlike anything I’d ever smelt before, and nothing else even came close. If I smell it now it takes me back to school days, first dates and long summer holidays. It became a kind of security blanket as I felt much more confident with it on. No birthday or Christmas presents could tempt me away from my one true love!

That is until somebody gave me a bottle of the new Marc Jacobs Lola…and I confess that I cheated. And I’ve been cheating for quite some time. I absolutely love it, it smells divine, and I think after around eight years of the same smell I needed a change. Sexy floral, it’s actually quite similar to Deep Red, so this must definitely be what my nose likes! Being a girly-girl it suits me. I also completely fell for the bottle design. I didn’t think I’d be as fickle as this, but the over-the-top flower definitely increased my lust. On every single perfume point it’s a winner!

And I’m now drooling to get their newly-released limited edition velvet flower top! Take a look at


Monday, 9 August 2010

The Long and Short of It

There has been a lot of change in the celebrity “hair world” recently. Who could have missed Emma Watson’s dramatic change to a short crop?! She was almost unrecognisable. Whether you like it or not, it has generated considerable discussion, with her name top of Twitter Trending.

Also, today Cheryl Tweedy has been papped out in LA with new extensions. Much controversy surrounded her previous extensions last year after she claimed on a L’Oreal advert that her hair “feels stronger, full of life, replenished, with a healthy shine. It’s got its mojo back”. Harsh criticism came due to her obvious use of extensions which gave her this “mojo” rather than any shampoo, and she swiftly got rid of them. Her natural, shorter hair was still as big, prompting the new term Bidi (Big Midi) and she looked gorgeous.

 It seems as though a change in hairstyle can generate as much of a buzz as these celebrities actual talents! Everybody gets bored, but I suppose these women have the cash to be able to change from long to short and back to long again on a whim.

I don’t know why but I seem to think longer hair is somehow more feminine and girly. I would be terrified if a hairdresser came at me ready to give me a ‘Watson’, yet I would also be scared of ruining my hair with extensions.

It seems us women like to mark an end or change with a change in hairstyle. Emma is no longer tied to her Harry Potter contract, and Cheryl is now almost fully recovered from her malaria and idiotic ex-husband. So many more have changed their hair after a relationship break-up. It certainly keeps things interesting! And as the old saying goes…A change is as good as a rest!


Dry Shampoo = My New Best Friend

Unfortunately for me my hair isn’t the thickest and all my life I’ve been trying to pump it up and I’m a huge fan of the hair ‘juzz’.
Regular trims help it so that it doesn’t look like rat-tails, but I refuse to have it cut above my shoulders, which I have been told on numerous occasions would make it look thicker. I could have extensions put in, but I’m actually a little bit scared of extensions ruining my real hair and then having to have them in forever (which would give my hairdresser his retirement plan!).
I’ve only just entered the world of dry shampoo. Naively I believed before that it was for those who hadn’t bothered to wash their hair for a while and were therefore slightly dirty and greasy! However after reading countless times that many stylists use it on models’ hair in order to create volume and a bit of grip to create a better look I succumbed.

And I have to say I do adore it!! You have to be careful, mind, in case your hair looks like it is caked in talcum powder, and being blonde if I overdo the dry shampoo it can look like I’m turning grey in my twenties!
Practice does make perfect and I now have it down to a fine art. A quick spritz and it looks as though I have naturally lifted roots and gorgeously thick hair. Such a cheap beauty trick, which is my favourite kind of trick! I implore you all to head out and conquer the dry shampoo so that everybody looks fabulous (and if you are in a rush and have to skip a shower it’s a Godsend then too :-p)

Saturday, 7 August 2010

The New Botox?

Has an effective alternative to botox finally arrived?

Amanda Holden has said that she's given up the injections for 'electric therapy'. The Carita Pro-Lift Firming Facial is apparently powerful enough to replace any need for botox...surely all the celebs will be jumping on this bandwagon!!

According to those who have tried it, the treatment gives a much more natural, youthful appearance rather than the 'frozen' look to botox.

I'm not against botox and I think as I get older I would probably opt for injections rather than any kind of surgery (did anyone see The Ugly Face of Beauty where they showed a face-lift operation?! It definitely put me off).

It does sound as though botox is certainly coming up against tough competition finally, and at a price whereby us mere mortals can afford it rather than just the celebs and super-wealthy, this surely can't be a bad thing.

I really want to try it!! Available in many spas such as Champneys and Spa Illuminata.


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Kelly Overload?!

Kelly Brook that is!

I love the girl, she's absolutely gorgeous and has a womanly figure rather than the stick insects we normally see. But I swear every single day she's promoting something new!

I'm not dissing her making a living, and doing what she does best. The papers love her! It just seems like a case of Kelly Overload at the moment and I wonder whether by doing so much she's shortening her career span, as surely people tire of her...I know it doesn't seem like it at the moment but it's only a matter of time. Someone younger and perter will come along!

In the past week I've seen her promoting Reebok Easytone, a new Reebok and Cirque du Soleil workout, telling the world how she dresses herself, her ongoing relationship drama, her new 'lesbian kiss' film, and of course various outfit choices.

This is all probably a touch of jealousy on my part, but I was curious whether other people feel the same?! I like Kelly Brook, but I would like to sometimes see other celebrities, just to give me a little variation!


Wednesday, 4 August 2010


This is such a bizarre subject I thought I had to write about it!

Recently it was stated in the news that the number of hymenplasty surgeries on the NHS had risen dramatically. Before us girls get to the stage for needing surgery however there are creams on the market to help us 'down below'...

I introduce to you the Lady Secret Serum!! I kid you not. It promises to give you "complete youthfulness and make you feel like a virgin." Since when was this something us women wanted so much that we would spend money on it?!

Surely the basic pelvic floor exercises will do the job but apparently not! This is so bizarre I had to share. We have enough to concern ourselves with beauty-wise what with waxing, plucking, colouring, moisturising and general grooming to think of. Now we're being told we have to add an additional "lady cream" to our skincare routine.

I really can't see the need for this; it must be the ultimate in vanity. Lets stick to the parts of the body most people can see!!!


Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Fake tan, wait, I love you!

OK so I'm actually going to have to backtrack from my post yesterday.

I was on the train into work this morning, flicking through the paper as per usual, when I came across an article which horrified me. Liz McClarnon et al baring their skin for the cameras to show the damage sunbathing and/or sunbeds have caused. Liver spots, pigmentation, uneven skin tone.....awful awful words!!

OMG if I shun the fake tan and rely on sunbeds from now on for a golden glow I'll be wrinkly, leathery and old before my time. So...Fake Bake, St. Tropez, etc please forgive my harsh words from yesterday.

Having thought long and hard all day I have decided orange towels are a small price to pay for smooth, youthful skin.

Words of wisdom indeed!


Monday, 2 August 2010

A slight rant...

One of things I would really love is to have olive skin! I've not been blessed with a natural tan, and even though I do tan, it's a challenge and once I'm back in the UK it seems to go into hibernation.

So rather than risk premature ageing with sunbeds, I decided this summer to give fake tans another go. I use Johnson's Holiday Skin a few years ago in an attempt for a natural non-streaky glow...however all did not go well as after a while my white towels had permanent orange stains, and as the tan faded my skin was covered in weird marks akin to some kind of rash!

However, optimistic in my quest I decided to give fake tan another go, thinking things must have advanced since those days! I was lucky enough to be given some Fake Bake to try, and had high hopes.

I initially started on their gradual tan and I soon overcame my streaky phobia as day-by-day my skin became more tanned and gorgeous without looking orange or streaky.

However the towel problem remained. Everytime I dried myself after a shower the towel became covered in fake tan residue, regardless of how much I had exfoliated or cleansed my skin...annoying to say the least!

Then I decided to upgrade to their spray fake tan. Again really good, very easy to apply, I had the whole thing down to 10 minutes!!

But I have to say my verdict is that fake tan is definitely quite easy to do, but the implications of orange towels, orange bedding, weird skin patterns as it fades and the smell (even though Fake Bake had some lemony smell it didn't disguise the overall distinctive fake tan smell) just aren't worth it!

Is it just me that has been unsuccessful in fake tanning?!!