Saturday, 31 July 2010

Frizz be gone...

As a woman who suffers from frizz I've been on the constant search for something which will help my hair to look sleek and glossy rather than resembling something similar to a big blonde candy floss on my head!

Of course I've tried the frizz staples in the past like John Freida's Frizz-Ease and I thought that was good, but I have to say I think Avon have surpassed it!

Their new Lotus Shield Anti-Frizz Treatment is a god-send. A bit dubious I tried it after a shower one evening and the next day my hair was not only smooth and frizz-free it also felt amazingly smooth! You also leave it in so there's no fuss with having to wash it out after a certain time.

Love love loved it! I only had a sample size trial sachet but I've ordered a bottle straight away...the hair of my dreams here I come!

Check it out at

Beauty Blog!

Hi guys!

My first blog post...very exciting! This is my attempt at a beauty blog. I love all things beauty-related and work with beauty all day. I love it and wanted to share what I experience, try out and hear in my world. Any review I do will be completely honest so you know there will be no bullshit in my blog!

It's called Christina Adores, hopefully I'll adore a lot, but I will include things that annoy me or I don't like just to share with you guys and hopefully you can let me know what you think!


Christina xx